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Blacks Beach Bracelet - Men Size

Blacks Beach Bracelet - Men Size

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Immerse Yourself in the Essence of Blacks Beach with our Blacks Beach Beaded Bracelet! A striking addition to jewelry boutiques and nature-inspired shops, this unique bracelet is crafted with sleek black beads seamlessly blended with vibrant colors, making it an essential and distinctive piece for your collection.

🌊 Key Features: Dive into Uniqueness ⤵️

✏️ Coastal Elegance: This bracelet showcases a captivating mix of rich black beads and vibrant hues that embody the unique charm of the shoreline.

💪 Stretchable Comfort: The stretchable design ensures a comfortable fit, effortlessly accommodating various wrist sizes with ease.

👨👩 Unisex Appeal: Tailored for both men and women

🎁 Ideal Gift: A thoughtful choice for those seeking a distinctive accessory

* Material: multicolored beads
* Finish: matte
* Size: medium
* Bracelet size: 9-9.5 inches 
* Beads sizes: approximately 5x2.7mm
* Style: Stretch bracelet, beads bracelet, beaded bracelets
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