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Pés Livres (Free Feet) is a non-profit organization based in Brazil, responsible for caring for a primary school in Tanzania, Africa, that serves more than 50 children, has 6 employees and sponsors the continuing education for 47 children in elementary school.

Pés Livres was born in 2015 after two Brazilians, Luana and Rafa, came back from a trip to Africa where they volunteered in schools and foster homes. Back in Brazil, they were told that in 30 days the school would be closed because they didn't have any help or funds to keep the school open. Luana and Rafa wouldn't let the school close. They started selling books to raise funds to help keep the school open and until today, because of all their effort and help from other people that joined their cause, the school is still open!
We love their story and the cause. Let's help those women and kids to have a better life.
There are many ways you can help too! Visit their website to learn more or send us a message and we'll be more than happy to put you in contact with them.

*We're donating a $1 of each little girl and little boy pendants to help this cause

CLICK HERE to see what they did in 2020