Birthstones Story


Birthstones are colorful crystals associated with a birth month and zodiac signs. With their own energy, in a rainbow of colors and mystical powers, birthstones are believed to carry many secrets, attributes and are traditionally used for luck, protection and wisdom. Crystals not only have the ability to adorn but they are capable of absorbing and retaining energy. This property makes them a powerful tool for self-transformation and healing. 
Discover what makes each birthstone so powerful and unique. While having so many different and incredible attributes, birthstones will add some vivid and fun colors to your outfit and make a wonderful, meaningful and personalized gift for yourself and loved ones.



The tradition of birthstones has been around for a  long time. The idea of birthstones has a place in many traditions. They appear to have a biblical source, tracing back to the book of Exodus in the Bible and specifically on the breastplate of Aaron. The twelve gems of Aaron’s breastplate are treasured, beautiful stones and each one represented the twelve tribes of Israel at the time. It was adorned with gems including emerald, sapphire, diamond, topaz, carbuncle, sardius, agate, ligure, amethyst, onyx, jasper, and beryl. Later, the stones that originated from Aaron’s breastplate became linked to the zodiac signs. In 1912 a modern American list was created by the American National Retail Jeweler’s Association, the group that is known today as Jeweler’s of America, with a few updates over the years, but the 12 birthstones have largely remained the same since then.