Born to Rock jewelry pieces should be handled with care at all times. Our pieces and gemstones are delicate and we take no responsibility for careless wear or storage. For more information about how to properly care for your jewelry, please visit our care instruction page at https://borntorockjewelry.com/pages/care-instructions


Gemstones require careful handling. They are naturally delicate and they need special care when wearing and storing them. Any impact can potentially crack them. If you drop one, it may get scratched or break. Please be careful and protective with your gemstones even when you're not wearing them. We recommend storing your gemstone jewelry separately from others in a safe place, protected from the daylight, dust and heat. Those factors can damage and fade your crystals. We take no responsibility for careless wear or storage. We don't offer replacements for broken gems. However, if the jewelry arrives damaged, please notify us within 24h after receiving your package to be eligible for an exchange.

Gemstone inclusions 

Please note that most of the gemstones aren't internally completely "clean", as natural gemstones are expected to have inclusions. Inclusions are any sort of irregularity or foreign material trapped inside the crystal during its formation, like other minerals, water or gas. Gemstones with inclusions aren't considered a jewelry defect.


Born to Rock jewelry designs are made using sterling silver, brass, gold, rhodium and stainless steel. Most of those metals are nickel free. However some of our chains are made with stainless steel, which is known to contain low quantities of nickel. If you have nickel sensitivity we advise you to use caution when wearing this chain style. 


Overtime, the protective layer of rhodium, gold or silver can wear off, making the piece of jewelry look a little dull depending on how often you wear it and on the exposure conditions in which it is worn. We don't offer re-polishing, plating and cleaning services as part of a warranty.