Birthstones by Month

Birthstones are colorful crystals associated with a birth month and zodiac signs. With their own energy, in a rainbow of colors and mystical powers, birthstones are believed to carry many secrets, attributes and are traditionally used for luck, protection and wisdom. Crystals not only have the ability to adorn but they are capable of absorbing and retaining energy. This property makes them a powerful tool for self-transformation and healing. 

Discover what makes each birthstone so powerful and unique. While having so many different and incredible attributes, birthstones will add some vivid and fun colors to your outfit and make a wonderful, meaningful and personalized gift for yourself and loved ones.

Garnet is the January birthstone
Amethyst is the February birthstone
Aquamarine is the March birthstone
Diamond is the April birthstone
Emerald is the May birthstone
Pearl is the June birthstone
Ruby is the July birthstone
Peridot is the August birthstone
Sapphire is the September birthstone
Pink Tourmaline is the October birthstone
Citrine is the November birthstone
Turquoise is the December birthstone