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5mm Round Stud Earrings in Yellow Feldspar

5mm Round Stud Earrings in Yellow Feldspar

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Product description and details:

Yellow is the happiest color of the rainbow! The sunshine's color represents energy. It also symbolizes joy, inspiration and optimism! This luminous color is associated with the solar plexus chakra which is related to making decisions and when it's balanced, it boosts your self-confidence and your ability to achieve your goals. Feel fresh, energetic and alive when wearing this bright and shiny gemstone color.

  • Gemstone: yellow *dyed natural Feldspar gemstone
  • Gemstone diameter: 5mm
  • Earrings material: 18Kt yellow gold plated over bras
  • Style: Stud, colored gemstone, crystal jewelry, gifts & gift shop

Due to the nature and uniqueness of each gemstone, colors may vary slightly from the colors shown in the image.

Please note that most of the gemstones aren't internally completely "clean", as natural gemstones are expected to have inclusions.

*Dyed gemstones may fade overtime with exposure to the ultraviolet in sunlight, heat and/or chemicals such as acetone and alcohol

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